Welcome to the blog of Rasam Productions and Full Throttle Distributions Sam Pollock (The Director) charting the evolution of the opening to the new feature film "Wrenched" jointly produced with Rob Shaw (The Producer) and Asa Newmarch (The Cinematographer). You'll be able to see the final cut on my YouTube channel as well as various short videos and vodcasts/podcasts right here on this blog! Enjoy and please feel free to comment/add suggestions!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

SP - Hunted Deconstruction

Deconstruction of Hunted Micro Drama                                                            

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

SP - My Debut Film

Deconstruction of the Magical Apple Micro Drama                                                            

SP - Lessons Learned From Our Microdrama


  1. Before you go out and shoot the film, it is very important to have a storyboard and call sheet filled in with detail beforehand.
  2. If there is a lot of speech in your film it might be a good idea to have a script ready so everyone knows what to say at each point in the film.
  3. Check that the camera works properly and you know exactly how to use it before you start filming.
  4. When shooting the film if you have a better idea or think you can improve your film make sure you take lots of coverage so when it comes to editing you can experiment with the extra shots you have taken.
  5. Before shooting a part of the film have a clear image of what you want it to look like so the actors know exactly what to do instead of just making it up on the spot.
  6. When you have finished filming and have done all the editing that was required, you must always watch the film though to check that you have not done anything wrong like deleted a scene etc.
  7. If you have used any sound effects to go over the filming you must make sure that they are in time with the acting.
  8. You must spread the work out evenly so you don't just complete all the editing but also the credits. These sometimes give the first impression to your film so you must make it as good as your filming.
  9. Do not use any swear words!!