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Thursday, 6 January 2011

ALL - Podcast Number 1: Coursework Group and Idea

Podcast Numer One: 
This podcast outlines who is in the group and what their initial idea was for the coursework. After pulling all our three different ideas together we came up with one coursework idea which we were all happy with and thought was the best 


Asa Newmarch
Nickname: Ace of Spades
Role: Cinematographer
Favourite Film: Inception
Famous Quote(s): "Where is she?" "Where have you been?"
Hobbies: Gaming, Watching Anime, Surfing the web 
Favourite TV Show: FullMetal Alchemist 
Subjects Taken: Media Studies, ICT, Buisness Studies
Idol: Guillermo del Toro

Rob Shaw
Nickname: Stanley
Role: Producer
Favourite Film: Tron Legacy
Famous Quote(s): "Stella!!!!" "Dingham"
Hobbies: Gaming, Blogging, Guitar
Favourite TV Show: Mythbusters
Subjects Taken: Media Studies, Geography, English Literature + Language, ICT
Idol: Matt Bellamy

Sam Pollock
Nickname: Cherub
Role: Director
Favourite Film: LOTR FOTR
Famous Quote(s): "The game" "1-0"
Hobbies: Football, Cricket, Facebook
Favourite TV Show: The Simpsons
Subjects Taken: Media Studies, ICT, Geography and English Literature + Language
Idol: Steven Gerrard

The Group

The Snicket (My Idea): 
This is my pitch that I did infront of my class and it was about my coursework idea

The Groundsman (Group Idea):
  1. A man is seeking a groundsman job in the newspaper.
  2. He throws the paper on a and circles the job description in red.
  3. He then rips out the page in the newspaper with the address of the house advertising a job (circled in red).
  4. He travels to the rural house by car to find the people advertising the job 
  5. The screen fades to a girl on her phone talking to her boyfriend 
  6. She says "I've got a free house all weekend, come round later".
  7. Suddenly the door knocks
  8. The girl then says to her boyfriend "I'll call you back later".
  9. She then goes to answer the door
  10. The girl invites the man inside and says "You might want to take a seat my dads on his way...he said he will be five minutes"
  11. The man sits down in the lounge and the girl asks if he wants a drink. 
  12. She goes off into the kitchen to get the weapon
  13. The man then shouts "What's taking you so long?" to which the girl replies "Just give me a minute".
  14. This is because the girl is looking through the draws to find the weapon.
  15. She returns to the room (Over the shoulder shot)
  16. POV shot of the man watching the TV when suddenly a knife comes from behind him (in his periferal vision)
  17. The screen fades like he is passing out to end the opening.

Here are the 'Initial Storyboards' for our coursework idea 
Initial Storyboard                                                            

Initial Storyboard                                                            

Here is some 'Sample Footage' of our coursework idea. We wanted to test some shots to see if they worked and to look for any other shots that looked better. As this was only a practice we did not have our proper actors or any costumes. 


Click on the picture below for some feedback on our sample footage and with this feedback we will make some changes that are relevant to what people have said 


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