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Monday, 10 January 2011

SP - Sample Opening: Madhouse

Madhouse (William Butler, 2004) 
Budget : $3 000 000 
Box Office : Not Available 
Remake of the 1974 film  

The time period is signified by the quality of the cameraand the windows, doors and lights also look slightly dated 
There are very quick shots of a woman wearing an old dress standing in the corridoor which also signifies the time period is quite old 
We see a hooded character who is having flashbacks in a bare, plain room which signifies it could be a run down buliding 
The male character is wearing trackies and a hoody which signifies the flashbacks he was having are of what the building used to be like 

The character escapes and starts running through a nearby wood and we can see that the building is secluded 
People wearing white clothes start chasing him and this signifies they are pure but also that he cant be let out into the real world 
We see another character in a car. We never see his face which is narrative enigma but it could also connote he is the villain.

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