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Thursday, 13 January 2011

RS - Sample Opening: Saw

Saw (James Wan, 2004) 
Budget : $12 000 000 
US Box Office : $55 000 000 
UK Box Office : £6 600 000 
Seven Film Franchise 

Serif font signifies horror 
No establishing shot just straight into the action 
Camera slowly tracks in 
Limited locations in the film 
Low key actors  and no-one dies in the opening scene
No teenagers in the film they are all adults
First character could be either the antagonist or protagonist 
Narrative enigma with the background voice 
Non-diegetic sound 
Characters are very vunerable in the dark 
There clothing shows how recent the film was made  
Anchorage added through exposition 
Both men have American accents 
Binnary opposites - One character is scruffy/working class but the other is well dressed/upper middle classand is a doctor 
Props include gun, blood, torn clothes and a voice recorder 
There is no killer with a knife but just a creepy voice and the characters inflict pain on themselves 

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