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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

RS - Sample Opening: Friday The 13th

Friday the 13th (Marcus Nispel, 2009)
Budget : $19 000 000
US Box Office : $65 000 000
UK Box Office : £2 000 000
Remake of the 1980 film

Second shot anchors the location as there is a sign with "Camp Crystal Lake" written on it
Woman screaming in pain/fear signifies the hprror genre
Very dark shots with rain and lightning in the background so you only see things for a very short period 
Meanwhile the credits pop up every few seconds so the shots are very short and this is typical for the genre
Jasons mother gets be-headed foreshadowing things to happen later on
Typical scream queen is weilding a machette and be-heads Mrs Voorhees
Time period is anchored by text at the bottom of the screen 
A transition is used to signify the scene changing along with text to acompany it and tell the next time period
Black and white effects have been used to show its a flashback
The womans head on the floor anchors the genre of the film and this is the reasoning for why Jason goes on the rampage. It can be foreshadowed when he looks down at his mother or watches her get beheaded.
The necklace he picks up is a family heirloom which is important later in the film.
The mother saying "Jason our special boy" can anchor on who the boy is 

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