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Thursday, 13 January 2011

ALL - Sample Opening: 5ive Girls

5ive Girls ( Warren P Sonoda, 2006) 
Budget : $ 3 000 000 
Box Office : Not Available

Fence infront of school signifies it has very strict rules
Religious connotations (Catholic)
Old school building 
Bright light signifies purity 
Non-diegetic music adds tension 
Cross breaks which foreshadows events that are about to happen 
Lighting changes along with the music which becomes faster and sharper 
Girl wearing short skirt, long socks, white shirt and she has blonde hair
School girl is alone in a classroom signifies she is going to be killed 
Catholic school but girl draws the devil on a peice of paper
Close up of hand  on girls shoulder signifies they might be in a relationship 
Door slams and the girl is trapped 
Fire which signifies danger and the devil is reflected in girls eyes 
Everything turns normal again but the girl isnt there anymore 

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  1. Hey guys! This is cool. Thanks for breaking down the opening to my movie. Good luck with the project. Warren Sonoda, director/writer/editor, 5ive Girls.


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