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Sunday, 16 January 2011

ALL - Sample Opening: Slashers

Slashers (Maurice Devereaux, 2001) 
Budget : $165 000 
Box Office : Not Available 

Low budget film 
In the first eight seconds there is a stabbing 
The victim is a female because stereotypically they are weaker and more veunerable than men 
There are alot of intertextual references from the film Psycho 
The film is presented as a Japanese game show
There are American references as the main presenter is dressed up as the Statue of Liberty and the dancers are wearing American flag dresses 
There is so much gore in this film that in parts it is funny because it is so over the top 
Narrative enigma as we never find out who the villains are because they are all wearing masks 


  1. good to see you're using imagery, links etc in most posts.
    think about your post titles: couldn't this (+ the others) be better described as Genre Opening eg1: [film title]?
    try to give timings too, and pick out some stills where you've noted specific shots/m-en-scene etc

  2. ...and check your spelling, fair few errors here!


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