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Monday, 17 January 2011

SP - Sample Opening: Scream

Scream (Wes Craven, 1996)
Budget : $15 000 000
Box Office : $103 000 000
Scream 2 was made in 1997 and Scream 3 was made in 2000

First shot is of a blonde women on the phone to mysterious caller 
Man on other end has a scary voice so she hangs up
Shot of outside the house and a swing attached to a tree is moving. This signifies that the mysterious man could be outside
Close up of woman putting popcorn on the cooker when the phone rings again but this time the girl is quite flirty with the man and plays with a kinfe which could foreshadow later events
Popcorn starts over cooking but the woman is distracted with the phonecall
Camera tracks woman through her house when man says "I want to know your name ............ because i want to know who im looking at". This is when the music stops and the camera zooms into the girls face showing her emotion
Music suddenly starts becoming loud and dramatic and we can hear a dog barking outside
Again she hangs up and she runs back into the kitchen where the popcorn is on fire which signifies danger
The phone rings again as if he is stalking his victim and this time he is really angry and he starts playing on the girls mind 
The next shot is of her boyfriend tied up on the porch with blood and bruises on his face
Intertextual references from Halloween and Friday The 13th as mysterious man plays a game with the girl to save the boyfriends life
When girl gets the second question wrong the boyfriends insides gets ripped out which signifies the mental state of mind of the killer

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