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Monday, 17 January 2011

ALL - Sample Opening: Hell Night

Hell Night (Tom DeSimone, 1981) 
Budget : $2 500 000 
Box Office : Not Available

Slow opening with slow takes and no shot variations 
Scream at begining signifies horror genre  and there will be a girl (scream queen) in the film
Props include a motorbike, a banner, party items for example hats , balloons and alcohol 
Diegetic sound with bottles smashing, a trumpet and a motorbike
Characters are students at a University campus and are spread out over a huge area
The clothing and hair styles signify the time period the film is set in 
The colour red connotes the women is sexually available but also danger/blood
Lots of teenagers are drunk and taking drugs which means they are sinful and should be killed
Exposition gives us an insight into the characters and there intended archetypes
Binnary opposites with a geek and an extremely popular person
Non-diegetic sound with rock music in the background

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