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Monday, 17 January 2011

AN - Sample Opening: Babysitter Wanted

Babysitter Wanted (Jonas Barnes and Micheal Manasseri, 2008) 
Budget : Not Available 
Box Office : Not Available

Music is very slow and childlike at the start which links in to the film name 
Close up and fuzzy effect of an unknown object which is polysemic 
Low angle/close up of someones legs wearing black trousers which is narrative enigma as we nevver see his face but also he is the killer
Unknow object turns out to be a girl tied up
Close up of a box of tools on a desk which signifies a weapon could be used from that toolbox 
Extreme close up of the womens face and it shows her eyes which shows emotion because she is crying
High angle of the desk again but htis time there are a series of knives lined up 
High angle of the women tied up and the camera slowly pans over her body where we find she is only wearing her underwear but she also has lines drawn all over her which could connote that the killer could be about to disect her body
Close up of womens face when we see a hammer being lined up on her forehead. This signifies the mental state of the killers mind 
The music at this point is really loud and intense to create fear in the audience 
The last shot we see is the hammer in mid air and a sound affect to signify that the girl is dead
We dont actually see the killing as our immagination is better than anything they could film 
The musoc stops and the camera goes black 

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