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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

AN - Sample Opening: Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf (Jeff Wadlow, 2005)
Budget : $1 000 000
US Box Office : $10000
UK Box Office : £190 000

Narrative enigma of the killer as there is a lack of lighting.
Phone symbolises the time period and it also provides a small ammount of light for the girl
Point of view shots are used when the killer is chasing the girl during the opening.
A white flash transition is used in the opening to move onto the next scene.
A gun shot can be heard during the transition and this signifies what the killer's weapon of choice is.
High angle panning of a red forest is used to signify the season the film takes place in.
The wolf in the lying game could hint at a possible killer.
The killer's face is hidden via a mask so this is narrative enigma.
Cry Wolf has similarities with The Boy Who Cried Wolf. 


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