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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

RS - Sample Opening: Silent Hill

Silent Hill (Christophe Gans, 2006)
Budget : $50 000 000
US Box Office : $45 000 000
UK Box Office : £4 000 000
The film is based on the highly sucessful game franchise

Starts off with a woman in her pyjamas shouting for Sharon, and makes the audience believe it is her daughter (polysemic)
Very dark scene, outside the family house
A man appears behind her on a balcony shouting for Sharon too, we expect him to be her dad
Woman runs around and finds a teddy bear on the floor and lifts it up to her face to inspect it, we guess it belongs to Sharon, she also shouts for her again and runs off
They both continue to run and look for her in the woods and surrounding area
Diagetic sound of crickets and insects in the wood
The woman runs under a bridge with diagetic sound of cars going past above her
Cut shot of the cars wheels above and then a CU of the womans face, she realises the danger above and shouts louder, running once again
Camera pans to a cliffs edge in which the woman runs towards and she looks down to a huge chasm, shouting once again to see if she has fallen
She finally notices Sharon above her to the side in some kind of trance or possessed. Her eyes are black, it looks as though the devil or some creature is inside her
Sharon sees something in the chasm and the camera moves down into it showing some weird CG effects and then moves back to Sharon who has now dropped to the floor in pain, screaming
She screams "Silent hill!"
The parents finally reach her and hold her in their arms trying to comfort her saying "we are here now" "it will be okay" "you will be fine now" before finally zooming out and "Silent Hill" is on the screen signifying the end of the opening

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