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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Q3

What Kind of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why?

As we made our film on an extremely low budget that only consisted of the cost of a tape and a few probs that added up to less than £10 it wouldn't be posible to ask a big distibution company to distribute our film. This is because the big companies only distribute the best films that will recognised by a wide audience at the cinema or on DVD. Some example of these big distribution companies are Universal Studios, Lionsgate and Warner Bros to name a few. 


We had to target a more realistic distribution company that would actually consider to distribute our film. I think that Warp Films is a very good example of a company that distributes very low budget films thtt still have potential to be a good film that will be recognised worldwide. A great example of this could be This Is England (Shane Meadows, 2006). This turned out to be quite a successful film compared to its budget of only £1,500,000 as in the US it made $330,000 and in the UK it made £1,300,000. The company that distributed this film was Optinum Releasing but I still beleive this company is out of our reach. As this is our first attempt at making a film this distribution company is still way out of our reach.

If we even had a chance to distribute our film we would have to research on the internet for a UK distribution company that was for amateur film makers that have worked with next to no budget and would probably never make it to many cinemas or DVD. An example of a film that is the closest to our budget is Colin (Marc Price, 2008). With only a budget of £45 it made it in to the cinema with the help of Kaleidoscope Entertainment which distrubted this film. I think if we had any chance of making it to the big screen the we could be looking at this company to distribute this film. However I still think that there are vey few companies like this so it would be very difficult to find someone willing to distribute our film.

Even if there isn't alot of ditribution companys in the UK that would accept our film we do know that there is an audience that watches films from our genre. For example films in this genre get realeased annually and people go to watch them in their thousands. Film franchises are created when good films have big audiences so the creaters decide to keep making them. E.g. Scream (Wes Craven) was first made in 1996 (Budget: $15,000,000) and this year, 2011, (Budget: $40,000,000) they are releasing their fourth film in the franchise. This is why I believe our film if it could be distributed would have an audience that is still enthusiastic for films in the horror genre or slasher sub-genre.

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