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Monday, 21 March 2011

Evaluation Q4

Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product?
Our aim is to make our film a rating of 15 (BBFC Rating). The reasoning for this is because of the actors ages, sexual references, strong language and bloody violence. However we don't see the man getting stabbed therefore it is not as violent as an 18 rating film. The girl is wearing revealing clothes which backs up the reasoning behind the 15 rating. We expect the majority of the audience to be male, because of the sexual themes in it but also the ammount of gore.

We know that there is an audience available for this genre because we have seen the success of films such as Halloween (John Carpenter, 1978) which had a budget of $320,000 and made $47,000,000 in the US. Another example is Scream (Wes Craven, 1996) which had a bigger budget at $15,000,000 and made a staggering $103,000,000 in the US and made £8,000,000 in the UK. Finally Nightmare on Elm Street (Wes Craven, 1984) which had a budget of $1,800,000 and made $11,000,000 in the US. Using these three as examples we know from all of the box office figurest that our film fits into this genre and has a similar audience to these teenagers from around 15-25, both male and female.The age range of our secondary target audience would be alot broader. This is because teenagers below the age of 15 will still be able to see the film if it went out on DVD because they could just get someone to buy it for them. Also people over the age of 24 will be able to watch it because older people also like to watch a good slasher film but when the get over a certain age they will start to watch psychological thrillers.

Here is a video of our target audience giving us some feedback on how to make our film better

To summarise, I feel that the audience for our media product would be from around the age of 13-40 which is a very wide range but the ones who I beleive are most interested in slaher films.

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