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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

SP - Codes + Conventions of Film Openings

Meet The Fockers (Jay Roach, 2004)
Budget : $80 000 000 
US Box Office : $280 000 000 
UK Box Office : £28 000 000

As part of the first evaluation question which includes detailing what our group has done in regards to using, as well as challenging conventions of film openings which are not specific to genre. I have looked at a film called Meet The Fockers which is a different genre from our coursework film which is a slasher.

The Company Idents are the first to appear on screen and are played before the film. In this particular film they are Universal Pictures followed by DreamWorks SKG

Non-Diagetic sound plays throughout the company idents on screen and keeps playing through the first two shots and then the music stops. 

There is an establishing shot which is common in most film openings but in this film the shot is of Chicago in America 

The opening scene is featured around one male character and we find out alot about his life through exposition. For example in the first couple of shots we see him working in a hospital as a nurse and furthee on in the scene we find out about his family through him talking on the phone 

The opening scene lasts for 3m 40s when the non-diegetic sound starts palyin again over the shots where we see the film titles start coming up. We see text that says "Universal Pictures and DreamWorks Presents", another secondary company saying "A Tribeca / Everyman Pictures Production", "A John Roach Film" and then all the main actors. This is a common convention of film openings

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